Monday, February 22, 2010

Roller Blader Birthday Cake Art Why Have Only Two Wheels On Roller Blades?

Why have only two wheels on roller blades? - roller blader birthday cake art

I'm a roller blader. I'm good enough, I can skate fast and do tricks, but I have some people with only two wheels on the leaves that were the center of two wheels off. Who knows what makes the difference and what is better? Two wheels or four wheels?


  1. The grinding of the two objects in the road.
    It deffinately make you slow down and make you work harder when you're skating instead of grinding.
    Also reduces the maneuverability of the skates.

    If you have a reason to stop them. If not better, 4-wheel skate.

  2. away from the center, so you can grind on rails and other things