Friday, January 22, 2010

Birman Kittens For Sale Where Can I Find Birman Or Ragdoll Kittens For Sale?

Where can I find birman or ragdoll kittens for sale? - birman kittens for sale

I believe that a kitten. No, I do not know where I can find what I can. I prefer a chocolate or Burma a point of closure. However, it is good as a blue point ragdoll.


  1. Instead of buying a cat, it would be too big, thinking to save just one. If you want a rag doll, there are tons of people who need homes. There are so many homeless cats in the wonderful world would be great, one of them (far cheaper to get a lot of silence).
    Here is a link to a ragdoll rescue: ...

    If you buy one, you should try to ensure that you buy from a breeder of the people and not a kitten mill, or something horrible like that.

  2. Time Cat Fancy Magazine. The list of dozens of farmers in their ads.

  3. When I'm looking for these farmers, the same as with Google the words "Burma-cat breeders" or "Ragdoll breed. So right magazines in his store for pets, since cats in the United States, is not nothing but a big cat Breeders directory. Check your local newspaper, too.