Monday, January 25, 2010

Cornea Eye Disease Does Degenerative Disease Of The Cornea Qualify For SSI Benefits?

Does Degenerative Disease of the Cornea qualify for SSI benefits? - cornea eye disease


I am released from the army after 12 years, I am in the worst stages of a disease called keratoconus. I am 20/400 in both eyes without correction. Fixed can not is a flexible combination of specialized rigid contact lenses, but only a few hours due to swelling of scar tissue. I also have a ptyrigum in both eyes, and I have exploding dropsy sometimes obscured his eyes. As I said, you can contact for a few hours a day. My wife accompanies me almost everywhere I go, if I can not wear these lenses. I had heard of 4 5 doctors, including my doctor recently recommended that the organ transplant. I was told you can not do anything, and I'm always photphobic. I do not know what to do more work, because my vision. What can I qualify for SSI disability. I have my sergeant that the VA will help, but how and when. I think I am, someone in my unit will meet w / my CDR. for options.

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