Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wicker Swing What Do Reckon To My Poem? Will Post A Few More If People Like It?

What do reckon to my poem? will post a few more if people like it? - wicker swing

In the gravel road
This is where we are
Sunny Partners
After the changes
In the deserted park
If the child
Or just a dream
I still see the sun itself
When I close my eyes
If this is a reminder of the love
Or the love of a memory
I wonder where you are today
Collection of roses in a garden
Sitting on a wicker chair
Embracing the Sun once shared
Are these the ravings of a madman
Or the poet delicate wording
Not that I say,
Her dark hair unforgettable
Have you ever
One day I'll hope we can come together again
In our quiet Sun of Peace

Any return
any thought of a title, because now I'm fighting the same opinion

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